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Lamb Feeding


Here's your chance to get up close and make friends with our baby lambs. Bottle feeding our baby lambs is a magical experience. Children and adults can both join in with the fun.

Remember your camera!!

Our lambs are greedy little fellows, so as soon as it's feeding time they will rush over to the bottles, and guzzle away. They are often very strong too, so adults are advised to help younger children.

Why do we bottle feed some of our lambs?

Sometimes when ewes have given birth to triplets or twins they cannot produce enough milk to feed all their lambs. This is when your help is needed and you help us by feeding our orphaned lambs.

Lambs need to be bottle fed for 8 to 10 weeks after birth so between our visitors and farm assistants the lambs are cared for.

So just think, not only are you feeding a lamb you are actually helping to rear it!


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