Sheep Shearing Show


“Don't try this one at home kids!”

Fun & laughter - one of the shepherd's most challenging skills.

Our daily shearing show combines fun and laughter with the traditional and challenging skills of sheep shearing, carried out by our expert shepherds who will share the secrets of the world's most versatile fiber.

Our heated indoor show arena has plenty of seating for up to three hundred people to watch exactly how a sheep is sheared. You'll be amazed at the shepherd's most challenging skill. Our shepherds are lucky as they only shear a maximum of 2 sheep a day for our shearing demonstrations. A sheep shearer can shear up to 400 a day!!

Why do we Shear Sheep?

All adult sheep are sheared once every year, for welfare reasons. It allows them to keep cool in the summer, it helps them to avoid fly strike, stops them becoming cast (stuck on their backs) and it stops them from getting caught in brambles and bushes.

All sheep are first sheared when they reach the age of around 14 months, this wool comes at a slightly higher premium than that of a mature sheep because it is usually softer and unspoilt.

Daily show at 2pm from April to October


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