Piggy Pull Along


Hop on our Piggy Pull Along and let the 6 little pigs take you on a gentle ride around the park or around the dog trialling field during dry days.

The ride is designed for little children so perfect for toddlers.

The only PINK Tractor in Devon.... or maybe the UK! We've never seen another Pink Tractor! Have you?

As our Pink Tractor and 6 little pigs takes you around our sheep trialling field, you will get up close and personal with the sheep so don’t forget to shout, “Oink” every time you see a sheep. Everyone smiles once aboard Piggy-Pull-Along so it is a great opportunity for parents to take pictures of their happy children.

Ask the driver nicely and he may let you sit in the driving seat of the front tractor. A perfect picture!

Next to this ride is the Vintage Pony Carousel.

Piggy Rides run at Intervals throughout the day.

Please note: Severe wet weather can affect the Piggy Rides operating times.


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