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The BIG Sheep Game Support

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General Info & FAQ’s

How to play this game?

It’s a simple game of jumping and ducking. Jump over the puddles and fences and duck under the tree branches. You need to cross the finish line and achieve a high score to unlock the next level.

Level 1 requires the skill of jumping only.

For desktop users simply use the keys (W) for jump and (S) for duck.

Smart phone /Tablet users need to press the buttons on screen.

How can I get a high score?

You need to concentrate and race down the track as quickly as you can trying not to fall. Rack up your points by successfully jumping puddles and fences and ducking under the tree branches as quickly as you can.

How do I collect the rosettes?

Successfully complete the track and you will be rewarded with a rosette. 

How do I keep my scores if I replace my device?

Currently your scores will be reset if you change device.

How do I get my game scores back if I reinstall the game?

Currently your scores will be reset.

Why can’t I play the desktop version on my smart phone?

The desktop version is developed in Flash which smartphones do not support therefore the mobile version needs to be installed.

Keep an eye out for new features COMING SOON!


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Baa-rilliant day out! They promise you that The Big Sheep is the highlight of any trip to North Devon and they're not wrong. TripAdvisor Review

I haven't experienced the "nothing is too much trouble" from staff this much outside of Disneyworld. Trip Advisor Review

Age 8-57 had a fab time! One of the best theme parks we have ever been to - Loads to do! Lots of fun animals shows - made us laugh!

A lot more fun than Ascot - Michael Burke BBC National News

The BIG Sheep is the best all weather family adventure park in the area - Time Out