First lambs of 2017 born

Published: 25 January 2017

First lambs of 2017 born

This morning The BIG Sheep Flock saw two adorable lambs join the flock. Both Mum's and lambs are doing well and looking forward to meeting all our BIG Sheep visitors during the Winter Weekends & February Half Term.

The BIG Sheep’s maternity wing during February half term will be full of resident ewes waiting to give birth and you may even be lucky enough to witness the magic of one of our white woolly lambs enter the world! Last year many visitors were amazed as they watched the ewes give birth right before them with our resident midwifery team, on duty to assist any ewe’s experiencing difficult births or those giving birth to twins and triplets. Some ewes refuse to bond with their off-spring leaving Hayley and Amy to hand-rear them. Hayley has helped deliver hundreds of lambs over the years and says, “Some adults and children have never seen a ewe give birth and it is fantastic to witness the sheer look of wonderment on their faces when a new lamb is born.”

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