Environment and Community Policy

Here at The BIG Sheep we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to helping our local community in everything we do. As a local farm in Devon, we are dedicated to helping our countryside, so all of our attractions aim to have a minimal effect on the land around us and we even have a no screaming policy on our rides to lower the noise levels for our neighbours!


Throughout the park we have specialist recycling bins, helping to encourage our visitors and staff to recycle as much of their waste as they possibly can during a visit with us.

Plastic free

Where possible we encourage our suppliers to provide plastic free products. We’ve already started swapping our plastic utensils for wooden ones in our food areas and we’re researching other supplies that can also be recycled for the future.

Energy usage

To help minimise our impact on the environment for heating the park, we recently installed a biomass boiler, which burns wood instead of fuel and so has a much better impact on the environment.

Charity donations

Last year alone we helped local charities raise over £33,400. We donated over 500 free tickets throughout the year to all sorts of local causes. From funding local animal projects to supporting children’s cancer charities.

Volunteering and Fundraising

Our staff all live in the surrounding towns and villages and so are all committed to helping in the local area. Some are members of local charities and volunteer in their free time to helping raise money. This year is no exception with many fundraising events being organised, sponsored races being run and many other fundraising efforts!

Local schools and community groups

Each year we welcome a number of local schools and community groups such as Brownies and Scouts through our doors at a discounted price. We want to help grow the next generation and we try our best to make sure we are all raising well-educated young people!