What does Laura love about Halloween

Laura Top Tips for Halloween | The BIG Sheep

25th September 2018

Halloween is a big time here at The BIG Sheep with our Halloween Festival. Laura, our Operations Manager is The BIG Sheep Halloween Queen and so we thought this was a great opportunity to hear what she has up her sleeve for this year’s Halloween and why she loves Halloween so much!

How long have you worked at The BIG Sheep?

I’ve been here for 4 years now; each year has got more and more exciting for Halloween as we’ve taken on more and more fresh ideas.

What do you like most about working there in general?

The variety and the flock – we’ve got an amazing team here!

Why do you love Halloween so much?

There are three reasons why I love Halloween so much:

  1. Firstly, it’s always great fun! Halloween is about dressing up with friends, being silly, and overall just having a good time.
  2. We can dress up, it allows us to be whoever we want. During Halloween I’m not an Operations Manager, usually I’m a witch or zombie or something else even more creative!
  3. Finally, it’s scary! I love horror films, and the best thing about The BIG Sheep is we get to be family fun by day, and then scary by night!

What’s your favourite part about Halloween?

Definitely the dressing up. At The BIG Sheep we go all out with the fancy dress. Staff dress up as different Halloween characters, and the scary by night storyline allows me to create some amazing outfits and special effects.

What’s your top tip for people visiting for Halloween?

Guess what… dress up! We love it when people come wearing fancy dress, from five-year-old Frankenstein’s and witches to grown up zombies and Draculas’. Plus, we have free face painting during the day times and fancy-dress competitions for those that come in outfits!

What’s the must-spot Halloween decoration on a visit to the park?

Look out for our creepy spider skulls, you’ll find them dotted all over the place.

Any other advice for people visiting?

Come prepared for lots of fun and laughter, and for those families brave enough to visit our scary by night attractions, be prepared to scream!

If you want to be part of our Halloween Festival team of live actors email [email protected]. Auditions for the 2018 Halloween Festival will be held on 7th October.