Meet the North Devon Mind, Body and Soul Exhibitors

6th January 2020

At our Mind, Body and Soul Festival on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2020 we have a fantastic selection of exhibitors available to meet on the day performing some amazing feats with their work. Read more about our festival exhibitors below. To find details on the individual workshops please visit our event page for more information.

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Access Consciousness

Based in Exeter

Ingrid is a registered Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and Facilitator and registered Access Energetic Practitioner.

These two dynamic hands-on body processes leave clients feeling totally relaxed and gives them an abundance of new energy.

Access Bars® are the 32 points on the head and as Ingrid gently and easily touches these points you begin to clear all limitations that you have in any specific area of your life.

Access Energetic Facelift™.  This is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and neck for both women and men, reversing the appearance of the ageing process.  After a session, clients have reported having less lines, wrinkles with firmer and more tones facial muscles as well as healthier skin. Ingrid will be offering 30-minute session at a cost of £15.  To pre-book email [email protected]


Amethyst Wave Therapies

Based in North Devon

Tabitha of Amethyst Wave Therapies will be offering a range of complementary therapies to include Massage, Crystal Therapy, Reiki and intuitive card readings. Amethyst Wave Therapies offers inner beauty healing through relaxing complimentary therapies and intuitive readings, because true beauty starts from within through promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health with Reiki and Crystals balanced with the positive effects of soothing massage it provides quality therapy at affordable prices.

To pre-book a session with Amethyst Wave Therapies email: [email protected]


Amelia-Maud Rose – My Magical Maison

Based in Internationally

A little about myself – I have had so far, a life’s journey that has taken me many places, meeting many people sharing messages from spirit guides, guardian angels and our loved ones as a spiritual medium. Spirit will use me as a tool within your reading, if needed, to answer question from your past to present, guiding you to your future with hope, comfort and validation.

To pre-book a session with Amelia-Maud Rose email: [email protected]


Angel and Animal Communication and Healing

Based in Devon

Maureen Rolls is an experienced angel and animal communicator whose work with animals has been her soul journey and has enabled her to communicate with animal worldwide. Animal Communication involves being able to talk to animals telepathically. Whilst in the animal’s energy Maureen can feel what they are feeling and pick up on any ailments, plus any behavioural problems that they may have.  Animals can also give Maureen visions, and she can give them visions by means of still pictures, like looking at a photo or watching a film. At the Mind Body & Soul Festival Maureen welcomes visitors come and have a chat and find out more about her work.

Email: [email protected]



Angelic Holdings Limited

Based in Berkshire

Jacqui set up Angelic Holdings in 2015 as a hobby to explore an outlet to develop her creativity and meet like-minded people.  Five years on Jacqui has met a lot of amazing people who have inspired her keep on developing her now successful business/hobby.

At the Festival Jacqui will be selling Angelic gifts including – hand-crafted accessories and jewellery, Angels, Angel candles and many more unique items which she has designed and made.

Email: [email protected]



Avalon Aura Photography

Based in Glastonbury

Avalon Aura Photography are a specialist Aura Photography business based near the mystical town of Glastonbury UK.  (Visitors are always welcome to pop in for a chat with Jenny & Ian)

Ian and Jenny will be offering photography with personal interpretation readings, additional 22-page biofeedback reports (on CD) plus Intuitive Healing (donation only), crafts and gifts.

To book in advance email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Bideford Centre Of Light

Based in North Devon

A group from the Bideford Centre of Light will be offering healing with SNU qualified healers and private readings with experienced mediums.


Carrons Healing

Based in Devon

Carron Collyer is an experienced crystal healer and Reiki practitioner who will be offering sessions at this year’s festival

To book a session in advance email: [email protected] or ring 01409 255707


Celestial Heart

Based in North Devon

Sale of angel related products including statues, jewellery and keyrings.  Alana will also be offering gentle and supportive angel readings.

To book a reading in advance email: [email protected]



Celia Estella – International Clairvoyant

Based in Devon

Celia has practicing as a Psychic Medium for 26 years during which time she became President of a Spiritual Church in North Devon.  She has also broadcast also on radio on spiritual communication.  Celia also contributed to a local newspaper in Bracknell writing Star predictions.  Eva Magazine feature Celia and her work as a healer both with humans and pets.

Celia has worked alongside well-known Trans Medium Ursula Roberts and taken part at Quest Natural Health Show    Celia has demonstrated mediumship communication at Bideford College Theatre to an audience of 200 people.   She has travelled extensively in the UK, Europe and USA demonstrating mediumship and giving private readings.

Celia is trained clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and a member of UK Guild Of Hypnotist Examiners.

To book a reading in advance Email: [email protected]


Cornish Crystal Cavern

Based in Saint Mellion, Cornwall

Gillian and Chris will be selling crystals, geodes, tumble stones, amethyst, orgonite, bowls, t-lights, crystal lamps and bookends and jewellery

Email: [email protected]


Crystal Moon

Based in North Devon

Hand poured soy wax candles infused with crystals and pure essential oils topped with carefully chosen crystals and botanicals.  Nita also offer a bespoke service to design your own candle for yourself or loved ones.   The perfect personalised gift.  Nita can produce candles tailored to reflect your business or retreat.


DaisyMay Sprays

Based in North Devon

DaisyMay’s sprays are gorgeous, handcrafted Aromatherapy Sprays, Massage Oils & Salt Scrubs to nourish and benefit yourself and friends, using 100% natural ingredients.  The range of Aromatherapy Sprays are used in your space and aura to enhance and effect your mood, blending high vibrational Essential Oils with touch of the flower remedies to support you in mind, body and spirit.  We use pure spring water, collected straight from its sources here in the wilds of Devon and all our products are made with bundles of love and care – created to positively enhance your life.

Email: [email protected]



Dan Rox Crystals and Stones

Based in Exeter

Established in 2014, out of a mutual love for Crystals, Daniel & Adam Neale #TeamRox #TheCrystalBoys have been attending events around the UK for over 4 years

Daniel brings the love and knowledge of Crystals and Adam brings an eye for detail and stunning crystal displays, every show they try to bring something new!

They have been running workshops and demos alongside selling crystals since 2016, and feel it is important to share and guide with crystal knowledge.


Instagram: @DanRoxCrystals


Earth & Heaven – The Crystal Shop

Based in Bideford North Devon

Molly from Earth and Heaven will be selling Crystals, Fossils, Incense, Essential Oils, Singing Bowls and locally Handmade Products.

Earth and Heaven’s physical premises is situated in Bideford in the middle of Grenville street near the pannier market. Molly has been running the business for over four years and offers a wealth of knowledge and advice about the healing powers of crystals and all things spiritual. Although Molly loves the shop there is nothing she loves more than meeting customers out and about at events. Earth & Heaven also have a treatment room at the back of the shop which many wonderful practitioners work from to deliver crystal workshops, reiki training courses, massage, shamanic healing, aromatherapy workshops, talks and clubs. Including the very popular monthly Crystal Club that Molly runs in collaboration with Emms from SaltwaterGaia. The treatment room currently has some availability. Do not hesitate to contact Molly for more details.

Earth and Heaven look forward to meeting you at the MBS fair 2020! Email: [email protected] Website: Phone: 01237 477 533


Fusion Tarot Devon

Based in North Devon

Kieron Body from Fusion Tarot Devon specialises in intuitive tarot card readings

To pre-book contact Kieron on [email protected]


Golden Oak Therapies

Based in North Devon

Karen is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Shamanic Healer and an EFT Practitioner.  She offers individual sessions and runs workshops and courses. For the Mind Body and Soul Festival Karen is delighted to offer Reiki. This gentle and highly effective technique is incredibly helpful in reducing stress, managing anxiety, aiding relaxation and re-boosting energy. Reiki works holistically on all levels of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

To book a session in advance email: [email protected] 


Hayley Raistrick-Episkopos Tarot Card Reader

Based in North Devon

Professional tarot card readings to book in advance call or text Hayley on 07719541400


Holistic Gateway for Everything Holistic

Based in Exeter, Devon

Colin John has been a Holistic Facilitator for over 20 years and runs A Development Group, Courses, Workshops. Does Angel Card Readings, Numerology and much more all over the Country.

Colin will be offering, “Atlantian Healing & Reading” which is a mix of Chakra Healing, Repairing Aura Breaks, Trauma Removal and probably connection with Guides and maybe loved ones and a Chakra Card Reading. This will last approx. 30mins and cost £20

To book in advance email: [email protected]



Based in Cornwall

Joy Vernon will be selling a beautiful selection of Cornish crafted spiritual gifts including jewellery, artwork and crystals

Email: [email protected]


Karen Pryce Clairvoyant

Based in Somerset

Karen is a professional Clairvoyant with over 20 years’ experience.  Karen is unique in that she works by connecting with the spirit world, she freely allows that communication to be delivered in a professional and her clairvoyant readings are always very popular.

To book in advance email: [email protected]



Krystina’s Crafts

Based in Cornwall

Krystina has a passion for the Native American Culture and at the Festival she will be selling her own unique and hand-made Native American style crafts which will include drums, rattles, smudging feathers, bags, jewellery.

Email: [email protected]


Kym’s Therapies

Based in Bristol

Kim will be offering Angel Card Readings and Angelic Reiki

To book a reading in advance email: [email protected] or call 07891162821


Liz Cullen Psychic Medium

Based in North Devon

Liz provides one to one private mediumship readings connecting you to your loved ones, giving guidance and clarity.

To book a reading in advance email:  [email protected]


LoveLifeInspired Life

Based in Devon

Certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils for physical and emotional health.


Linda Joyce – Magic Touch Therapy – Energy Healer and Spirit Messenger

Based in Devon

Linda connects with spirit for assistance to give help to those in need of upliftment. She is a Universal Energy Healer and Spirit Messenger using whatever modality she is guided to use during your session with her. Modalities available to her to aid your wellbeing are various sound instruments, seashells and angel/spirit cards. If appropriate she may even go into trance either to relay a message or to give healing. Linda works with Ocean Energy as well as Earth Energy. Email: [email protected]


Marbles & Stones

Based in Tiverton

Marbles and Stones is delighted to showcase Egyptian Alabaster Stoneware at the Big Sheep MBS event. Alabaster is a high vibrational stone, used for thousands of years as a holistic healing material, and sourced from one of the main power centres on the planet. One of the few translucent stones, it offers a calm and positive energy when lit with candles and provides us with a beautiful channel to the light.

Email: [email protected]


Marie Mock Therapies & Nutrition

Based in North Devon

Marie will be offering a range of relaxing holistic therapies including reflexology, Indian head massage and Hopi ear candling; all of these therapies can help to relax, refresh and revitalise.

Marie also runs nutritional therapy sessions and tailored nutritional plans specific to each client’s needs with a keen interest in gut health and skin conditions.

There will be a superior range of toxic-free and cruelty-free, vegan healthcare items available including nutritional supplements, CBD products, essential oils, skincare, body care, water & air purifiers and weight management solutions.

To book a taster session in advance ring Marie on 07794 201122 or via her Facebook page


Mary Earle

Based in Paignton, Devon

Mary Earle will offer Clairvoyant readings and special readings relating to past lives.

Mary is a natural born clairvoyant and healer and has spent the last twenty years plus guiding and helping clients understand the struggles encountered along life’s way and current situations they are finding difficult. Readings may include situations relating to themselves, family, friends in fact all aspects of life. She is blessed by the presence of the Angelic realms who flow a beautiful healing energy during her readings. If appropriate a mediumship link may occur to a loved one. At the end of each reading an Angelic Blessing will be given. A process of ‘Cord Releasing’ through visualisation can also be offered if inappropriate cords to life issues are found. Mary has an holistic approach to her readings which has helped hundreds of people free themselves from unhealthy attachments.

To book in advance email: [email protected]



Meditative Art

Based in North Devon

Meditation is a great way to escape life in the fast lane, rid yourself of racing thoughts and lower your stress levels.

International artist, Celia Lancaster, will be selling beautifully meditative inspired depictions of Zen nature scenes, tranquil pattern and peaceful designs.  Celia believes that everyone should be able to afford their own beautifully-crafted and unique piece of art and this will be reflected in each of the creative items on sale – perfect for bringing peace to your yoga studio, bedroom, office or anywhere else you would like to create a peaceful and calm environment.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07792 733399



Based in Bath

Cliff of Metta Physical is an excellent massage therapist with over fifteen years’ experience in a range of massages modalities. He is qualified in Thai, Sports, and Tok Sen (wooden percussion) massages and uses a blend of these techniques to assist in pain relief, joint stiffness and soft tissue dysfunction often brought about by postural problems, which he will give post-massage advice on.

Cliff developed the Metta-Morphosis technique in conjunction with his partner Joanna of Wellbeinginsideout to help release pain physically and emotionally on a deep cellular level.

To prebook contact him on:  07726301714 or email [email protected]


Mind Calming Therapies

Based in Devon

Josie is a Complementary Therapist and will be offering Calm Living Now coaching programs for Healing, Happiness and Intentional living, helping people go from stress to serenity, discovering their inner purpose and calm to create their ideal life.

Josie also offers talks and group workshops and runs meditation classes. She is a complementary therapist with Reflexology, Reiki and Energy Field Healing and massage at events and in the workplace.

Josie has travelled nationally and offers her therapies and talks in the corporate environment, at events and online.

30-minute mini Mind Detox. Discover the hidden mind-based cause of physical, emotional and life problems.

30-minute insight to the Mind Calm Meditation.

15-minute seated back, neck, shoulder and Indian head massage.

To book in advance email: [email protected]


Moon Hare Healing

Based in North Devon

Emma Stannard of Moon Hare Healing is an experienced therapist who will be offering Tarot Readings, Reiki and Massage as well as selling an array of crystals goods and crafts, jewellery and Mosaic Art.

To book a reading or reiki/massage session email: [email protected]


Neshla Avey – Psychic Readings

Based in Southampton

Neshla provides psychic readings using the tarot as a guide and works with the tree of life.  She is also the Founder Elect of Rahanni Celestial Healing and this comes through in her readings where needed.

Rahanni Celestial Healing is a 5D healing modality which opens up the heart centre, allowing us to release fear and negativity so we can be our true selves.  It is a high vibrational healing which works very quickly and is gentle, yet so powerful.  It is much needed in these times.  Neshla is the Founder Elect for Rahanni Celestial Healing and has been working with this wonderful energy since January 2009.  See for further information.

To book in advance Email: [email protected]


North Devon Tai Ch/Tui Na

Based in North Devon

Tui Na is a Chinese massage which re-balances the body and can be down with cloths on so no need for oils.  Paul will be offering Tui Na massages guaranteed to leave his clients fully relaxed.

To book a session in advance email: [email protected]


Nurture Holistic Therapies 

Based in North Devon

Offers kinesiology, reflexology, Indian head massage and reiki. Delivers touch for heath kinesiology training courses, reflexology training courses.  Sam also offers promotion of animal communication workshops, animal communication and animal reiki.

Email: [email protected]



PipEssence – Natural Energy Sprays & Monochord Sound Healing 

Based in  South Devon

As a vibrational healer, I wanted to create a helpful tool that assists people and their environments once they stepped off the couch. To continue feeling well, in balance and vibrant. The natural products are filled with healing benefits from crystals, sound frequencies, some hold flower infusions, and sacred site energy. Each layer of energy is  stored and memorised by the well water droplets. There is a finishing scented note from essential and perfume oils that are sustainably sourced. To support you, your loved ones and the environments you live in. They are each hand blended with Loving intention.

Immerse more deeply when combined with the healing frequency of 432Hz sound massage chair for enhancing you.

To pre-book email Pippa : [email protected]

Website :


Purple Haze Healing

Based in North Devon

Wendy Fern from Purple Haze Healing is an experienced Reiki and Rahanni Healer and will be offering taster sessions at this year’s Festival, as well as taster sessions in Reflexology.

To book a session in advance email: [email protected] or ring her on 07773615867


Ray Ball – Crystal Ball Readings

Based in Bristol

Ray will be offering Crystal Ball Readings and a demonstration on Mediumship

To book a reading in advance Email: [email protected] or call:  07779983228


Renaissance Holistic

Based in Exeter

Renaissance Holistic is a ‘pop-up shop’ which exhibits at Mind Body & Soul Festivals around the South West.  On offer will be a cornucopia of incense, mugs and canvas wall art by Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes, sage sticks and turkey feathers, handmade smudge feathers, unicorn ornaments, glasses cases, purses, backflow burners and fairies

Email: [email protected]


Rod Wills

Based in Devon

Rod is an experienced Footreader and Relexologist who describes foot reading as – The Interpretation of the feet. Your feet tell some of the story in you, in the past and in the present time.   Is it because of the shoes you wear? Or is it the way you walk or stand?  What shape is your feet? What does having a bunion mean? Are your toes and nails round or pointed?  Visit Rod’s stand and he will answer all of these questions.

To book a reading in advance email Rod on [email protected] or call 07708867838


Ronald Sirr 

Based in North Devon

Psychic art specialist

[email protected] mobile 07741172205


Rosie Lilith Astrology  

Based in Plymouth

Rosie offers birth chart readings with an Intuitive sensing of a person and feeling what they need to receive through the tools of astrology.

To book a reading in advance email: [email protected]


Sacred Hut

Based in Plymouth

Michelle will be bringing a variety of beautiful & affordable spiritual items to the Festival.  Buddhas, Tarot, Silver Jewellery and oil burner and lots of other spiritual treasures will be available.

Email: [email protected]


Santosha Healing

Based in Devon

Santosha Healing offers a bespoke combination of holistic healing services for each client’, depending on client’s goals and needs, including: Reiki, Crystal Healing, Holistic Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing and crystal jewellery.

At the festival, Arwen be offering Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Holistic Life Coaching, crystal jewellery and other healing-related hand-made items.

Arwen aims to provide a relaxed and non-judgemental healing environment with a bespoke combination of holistic healing services to meet individual clients’ needs. At the Mind, Body and Soul Festival, she will be offering taster sessions in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing and Holistic Life Coaching, as well as selling her handmade healing jewellery and a small selection of related handmade items.

To book a session in advance email: [email protected] or call 07488 430566


Scents by Marie

Based in Tiverton

Scents by Marie will be selling an array of gifts including salt lamps, essential oils, diffusers, crystal jewellery and incense products.  All at very affordable prices and will have something to suit all budgets

Email: [email protected]


Silver Phoenix Studio

Based in North Cornwall

Mandy specializes in working with foraged and found organic materials such as bark, stone, pebbles and sea glass. At the Festival Mandy will be selling beautifully crafted, artisan silver and mixed media jewellery from her latest collection.

Email: [email protected]



Sue Howes

Based in North Devon

Psychic Readings, Tarot reader, Reiki trained clairsentient, clairvoyant clairaudient, psychic healer

Email:  [email protected]


The Crystal Witch

Based in Devon

I am The Crystal Witch and I make Manifestation / Healing Candles. From Healing, attracting love, Motivation to Letting Go of past karma or traumas.

They are all individually hand crafted by myself using the finest of natural ingredients and lots of beautiful crystals!! 100% Soy Wax, Essential Oils and 100% Vegan – everyone friendly!

They are all completely unique, no two the same. I also sell a large collection of beautiful raw crystals and my hand made Smokeless Smudge Spray.


For more information visit Louise’s Facebook page 



Based in Bath

Joanna of Wellbeinginsideout will be offering compassionate and accurate readings using tarot and clairvoyance. A Reiki Master for over 20 years, she will be offering breakthrough sessions which use techniques proven to remove issues such as phobias, pain, anxiety and stress and replace with whatever people most want such as peace and calm. Joanna developed the Metta-Morphosis technique in conjunction with Metta-Physical which releases pain, unconscious blocks, trapped emotions as well as cellular memories. To pre-book or find out more, please email Joanna at [email protected] We look forward to meeting you all. Email:[email protected]


Whispering Trees Therapy

Based in East Devon

Nicola Burns from Whispering Trees Therapies is an experience holistic therapist who will be offering sessions in Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing and Indian Head Massage.

To book a session in advance email: [email protected]

Wishes Holistic Well-Being Centre

Based in Devon

A family run Holistic well-being centre in the heart of Devon specialising in hand selected crystals, jewellery and ethical products to help benefit every aspect of your life. They offer holistic therapies, spa days, spiritual retreats, weekend breaks, workshops and other wonderful events.

At the Festival Dominic will be selling hand selected crystals and jewellery complimented by ethical cosmetics, Bewater crystal energy bottles, pendulums, tumble stones, gridding sets, frankincense and incense, candles, electric diffusers, essential oils and more!

Email: [email protected]

Zara Triconnet

Based in North Devon

Zara is a professional practitioner in Sound Therapy and will be offering taster sessions at this year’s North Devon Mind Body & Soul Festival.

Sound therapy can be used within groups or as private treatments.  Sound when used as a therapy is designed to entrain the brain into an altered sate or optimum healing where all our peripheral information is turned off.  By doing this we can address any underlying issues or simply allowed to relax in the deepest sense.  Sound used in his way help to rebalance our body’s blue print and through 22 years of research through BAST by using certain instruments in a certain way it has been known to re-address your state of health and wellbeing on all levels.

If you are looking to work on something specific to you and what’s going on for you then you may benefit from having this on an individual basis rather than just a taster session.

To book in advance email: [email protected]