Sarah’s Top Tips

Sarah's Top Tips | The BIG Sheep

15th August 2018

Sarah is our Reception Manager and is one of the happy smiley people welcoming you every day at the park. We asked her what her top tips were to visiting The BIG Sheep and how to make the most of your day!

When would you most likely visit?

No matter when you visit The Big Sheep, I can guarantee a fun filled day out. I personally would choose to visit throughout the week, during term time, these are generally the quieter days. All rides run throughout the day, and with fewer people on site, I can make the most of all the rides without any waiting time… going on them multiple times – you truly experience the VIP treatment from all our rides team!

Who do you bring with you?

Lamb Feeding | The BIG Sheep

My two year old son LOVES The Big Sheep. I spend just as much time here as a customer with him, as I do working. He adores the animals, we feed the sheep with the food available to purchase from reception. Pets Corner in the afternoon is great, with the opportunity to stroke and cuddle puppies, guinea pigs and bunnies, and much more – this is perfect for us, as we currently have no pets at home.

What do you do when you first get through the door?

Apart from the ever needed toilet stop, which I must say, our toilets are some of the cleanest in the South West, I’m sure of it! For me, I always head straight to EWEtopia Indoor Play area. I can grab a coffee from Bo Peep’s Cafe, and enjoy it whilst watching my son enjoys the play area. The under 5’s area is perfect for him, as it has shallow ball pits and smaller slides, great for his age!

What’s your favourite ride?

Tractor Farm Safari | The BIG Sheep

I think the Tractor Farm Safari is great, every time you go on it, it is like a whole new tour, as each different driver makes the route their own, giving it a unique feel each time you go on the ride. My sons favourite is the Piggy-Pull-Along ride, I think this is because he feels independent and grown up on, as adults are unable to go on it. He can’t wait until he is old and tall enough to go on the Rollercoaster, I’m hoping that two years will go slowly, I’ve yet to go on the Rollercoaster, I’m too scared.

What do you do for lunch?

It would totally depend on what I was fancying on the day as both Bo Peep’s Cafe and Barn Cafe offer a good variety of food. The Barn Cafe have a fab range of cakes, I particularly like the Angel cake, which is covered in hundreds and thousands, not that I ever get to eat a whole slice to myself, it is also my son’s favourite.

What shows wouldn’t you miss?

Duck Trialling | The BIG Sheep

The Duck Trials at 12noon, it is the first show of the day that is not repeated, so if you are here for that one, you will catch all the shows throughout the remainder of the day. The Duck Trials are interactive and hugely comical watching our Showman with the Indian Running Ducks. Could not, not mention the Sheep Racing at 3.50, this is a crowd favourite, and one show that I too participate in, you can regularly purchase your sheep race bets from me! Alderknitty is my favourite, blue for Chelsea FC!!