Top 5 Tips for Planning a Halloween Party

Tips for Planning a Halloween Party | Blog by The BIG Sheep

5th October 2018

Our Halloween events are always well received and so the team behind planning our Halloween Festival have put together their top tips for planning a Halloween party – after a visit to The BIG Sheep of course!


This should always be top of your priorities – once you have a theme it provides structure to everything else. Having a theme also gives your guests a good idea of what to expect, and how to dress. We have a different theme each year for our Halloween Fun by Day characters, and for our Scary by Night attractions. We then plan decorations, activities, storylines and special effects around these. Our theme for Scary by Night this year is ‘Field of Screams’ so has a ‘ye olde horror farm’ theme, this means that we can dress up a lot of the things we already have around site, and you’ll be amazed how terrifying farm machinery can be at night with some special effects added!

Dress it up

Whether you are decorating a room, or an entire venue, with your theme in place, choosing the right decorations will be much easier. If your party theme is Dracula’s bride for example, you can go to town with the white netting, fangs and bats, and throw some special effects blood around.  During the day time our characters are all themed around Disney bad guys. We’re really looking forward to seeing our ride supervisor dressed as Jafar from Aladdin!

Special Effects

These will help to make your party or event memorable, and they don’t need to break the bank either. Yes we’ve got hydraulics, smoke and strobe effects at The BIG Sheep during Halloween week, but we also get creative on a budget.  Slime is cheap and easy to make and we add rubber worms and spiders and then challenge people to fish them out for a prize.  At night we introduce most of our special effects, even then it’s often the simplest effects that get the best reactions, something as simple as UV contact lenses on a ride operator, or one of Halloween cast jumping out of a dark corner during a ride.


You’ll soon get the fun flowing with a few simple party games or activities. Pumpkin Carving is always popular but remember it can get messy so have some bin liners on hand!  We should know, we get through 5000 pumpkins each Halloween. Fancy dress competitions will encourage your guests to make an effort (even better if you have a theme to help them) and apple bobbing or slime dipping are great ways to have fun on a budget (see special effects for slime dipping). During Fun by Day at the BIG Sheep customers are encouraged to spot the Halloween characters and get them to stamp their prize sheets. Once they have all the stamps they can collect their prize.

Food and Drink

No party or event is complete without food and Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative.  Just google Halloween food and you’ll be spoilt for choice.  From hot dogs that look like severed fingers through to eyeball canapés.  Go to town with your cocktails too, try a zombie cocktail! You can make a batch in advance and serve it in a punch bowl for guests to help themselves. We’ve just introduced a new Pink Gin from our distillery here at The BIG Sheep and I am looking forward to creating something spooky and Gin based for our scary by nights!