Celebrating 30 years!

The BIG Sheep First Barn | The BIG Sheep

23rd July 2018

30 years’ ago, Rick Turner had an idea to help diversify Barton Farm for the modern era. This change would see the next 3 decades of farm life in a very different light to the previous 6 generations of Turner family had seen. The BIG Sheep started with just a milking dairy, small shop and a café and is now one of the largest family attractions in North Devon welcoming thousands of visitors each year. Read on to find out more about The BIG Sheep history and to find out how we’re celebrating.

Whether you visited for the first time in 1988 or you’ve only just discovered us we hope we’ve given you plenty of fun memories during your day! We hear regularly that visitors used to come as children to the park and now they are bringing their children along too and some even their grandchildren too! How 30 years can fly!

We’ve had a busy 30 years as this graphic shows and we hope that the next 30 years brings even more fun days out, more growth of the park and plenty more smiles and memories!

30 years at The BIG Sheep History Infographic | The BIG Sheep