Christmas Quiz 2018

2nd December 2018

The BIG Sheep’s annual Christmas Quiz is now available. Email [email protected] to receive a copy.

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1 Two gentlemen play here  
2 Garlicky chicken  
3 Where magic comes to life  
4 Australian feeling down  
5 Rhyming poem  
6 This miller is a star  
7 Plaster from here  
8 Starred alongside Dougal and Brian  
9 Annoying god  
10 Home of cricket  
11 Beware of running bulls  
12 Home of the Luge  
13 Ed Sheeran’s girl  
14 Dried ham  
15 Used after shaving  
16 Race here in 24 hours  
17 Cooked patty without an ending  
18 Break into parts  
19 Natural stopper  
20 impressive lean  
21 Everyone has that sinking feeling  
22 May give you a quick tan  
23 They had a mini adventure here  
24 My family and other animals live here  
25 if you don’t make it here, you may go bust  
26 Decides on our health priorities  
27 Two makes a sweet  
28 Sings Magic Moments  
29 Unemployment benefits  
30 May sprout at Christmas  
31 Iconic 70’s sports car  
32 Brandy was born here  
33 Bargain shopping  
34 Famous boys’ choir  
35 Viewed the conflict  
36 Two mountains  
37 Door to strong wine  
38 Ineffective prison for an Emperor  
39 Official seat of the eurocrats  
40 Perfect for a pamper  
41 Famous for claret  
42 Take on New York Yankees in derby  
43 Food and drink sold in these  
44 This womble can cook  
45 Used for delivery  
46 Green and good for sheep  
47 This tapestry tells a tale  
48 Provides focus  
49 TV detective  
50 Recognised for their holiness  
51 Connect our towns and cities  
52 Could be a bridge too far  
53 Agreement to make many coins into one  
54 Used to drink beer  
55 We bury bodies here  
56 The coffee houses don’t serve much coffee here  
57 Courting worldwide justice  
58 Fairytale cobbler sings how wonderful it is  
59 Where east meets west  
60 Sunshine coast  
61 Famous barber  
62 Regional television producer  
63 Can lend you money  
64 Its crystal clear  
65 Sunshine clubbing destination  
66 Convention on fair play  
67 Overflows with celebration  
68 British sitcom  
69 Place for a new camp  
70 Condiment with grape juice  
71 Solidarity here  
72 It’s a piece of cake  
73 60’s American rock band and singer  
74 A small rodent was tamed here  
75 French painters first  
76 Provide online shopping  
77 A ring of happiness  
78 Year before college  
79 Feeling having not eaten  
80 Second command before running race  
81 The most meat on the bird  
82 Visiting places by coach or car  
83 It’s an insurance  
84 The particles go faster here  
85 A podder plant for livestock  
86 How you buy paper commercially  
87 Honourable man  
88 Could be your master  
89 In the pantry or cupboard  
90 Annoys another  


Answer are emailed on Boxing Day. Please email [email protected] to be added to the answer email list. No Copyright

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year from us all in North Devon.