Meet Woolly the Sheep

Working Woolly | The BIG Sheep

26th July 2018

Here at The BIG Sheep Family Attraction, we have one very special sheep that loves to come out of the barn to meet all our lovely visitors! Woolly the Sheep is our park mascot and he absolutely loves to come out and play with everyone whenever he can sneak away from his pen in our Indoor Animal Barn.

We get asked so many questions about Woolly but because he can’t answer himself and we just weren’t sure of his answers, we got hold of some magical fairy dust so Woolly could talk to us in a very exclusive interview!

We asked Woolly to do his usual sneak out of the barn to come and visit the Marketing Team in The BIG Sheep office. Woolly came prepared for his interview, dressing up for the occasion – we think he misunderstood and thought he was applying for a job in marketing, he’d spent so much time clothes shopping for the perfect outfit!

Woolly Shopping | The BIG Sheep

What kind of sheep are you?

I am a Woolly sheep! It’s our own special breed of sheep that means I’m much bigger than most others and I can walk on just 2 legs. It’s where my name comes from!

How did you become The BIG Sheep mascot?

Well when I was just a lamb, Rick spotted me in my pen and realised my potential to be more than just one of the regular sheep in the barn. When I was old enough to be independent from my mama I left the pen of other lambs and took on the role of mascot!

What’s your favourite ride at The BIG Sheep?

You can’t beat our rollercoaster if you love thrills, but I personally prefer our Train Ride – the station is right in the animal barn so whenever no one’s looking I hop on and have a drive around the track!

What’s your favourite snack?

Hockings | The BIG Sheep

Well aside from the usual sheep food that fills us up from visitors, when I do get the chance to sneak off site for a day I love to get an ice cream to cool me down (I have a lot of wool you know!). Hockings is my favourite, but any Devon ice cream suits me!

What’s do you like to eat for breakfast?

We sheep love our sheep nuts that visitors bring in to feed us every day – it’s great waking up to a great big bowl crunchy nuts for breakfast!

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue, the colour of my shoes!

What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?


Bike Ride | The BIG Sheep


When I’m not entertaining the crowds at the park I try to get on my bicycle and get some exercise and fresh air. There’s nothing better than a cycle down the South West Coast Path.

What’s the one thing you wish you could say out loud but never get the chance?

Who wants a cuddle! I love cuddles but as I don’t speak it’s hard to communicate so I just go around and hug people! Whether they want one or not!

What’s your favourite sports team?

Exeter Chiefs | The BIG Sheep

I’m a sheep, I don’t get time to watch many sports, but after a recent visit to Sandy Park I have to say the Exeter Chiefs!

When the show team have gone home for the day, what music do you put on the PA system to rock out to?

Oh well, now that is a question! The BIG Sheep song is obviously my favourite as it’s all about me!

So there you have it a few of the most bizarre questions answered by Woolly here, if you have more questions just let us know and we’ll happily get a little bit more of the magic fairy dust so we can ask him for you!

If you want to meet Woolly try and sneak a peak on your next visit!