Eating and Drinking


At present we are only offering tea, coffee and light refreshments and snacks on site, to ensure we are able to operate safely. These can be purchased from our kiosks near the stream as you walk down the hill after entering the park, and up near the pony track. There will be signs directing you to these kiosks, or just ask a member of our flock.

There will be cookies, biscuits, crisps, ice cream and other snacks available, as well as teas and coffee and soft drinks.

You are also welcome to bring your own food to eat on site at one of our many picnic benches which will be laid out around the park.

Barn Café

Barn Cafe | The BIG Sheep

Open daily during the summer season The Barn Café is run by the award-winning team at Tea by the Taw. Using locally sourced ingredients the ladies at the Barn Café serve a vast menu of delicious home cooked food for those looking for hot or cold food, as well as an amazing range of tea, coffee, and a fantastic selection of cakes!

Bo Peep Café in Ewetopia

Ewetopia Indoor Playground | The BIG Sheep

The Bo Peep Café in our indoor playground offers a selection of hot food such as burgers, chips and jacket potatoes. All food is freshly cooked to order, and we strive to serve you the best quality food that we know the whole family will enjoy. With a separate children’s menu for smaller appetites you can feed the whole family during your visit.

With a selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks and cakes you can take a breather with the other adults while the children play safely in the comfort of Ewetopia.

Sheepy Shop

Sheepy Shop | The BIG Sheep

Our Sheepy Shop is open daily during the summer and at weekends during the quieter months. It has a wide range of gifts with value and quality guaranteed. Visitors can enter our shop for free without paying to get into the park meaning you can stock up on your favourite goodies even if you can’t make the day at The BIG Sheep.

With our own cuddly BIG Sheep toys, our world-famous BIG Sheep puzzle (which you can have for free if you manage to complete it in the shop!) and many other trinkets and souvenirs to remember your visit to The BIG Sheep.

The Brewery Shop

Brewery | The BIG Sheep

Strictly for grown-ups! Established in 1998, North Devon’s largest brewery; Country Life Brewery joined The BIG Sheep flock in 2002 and is now producing over 15,000 pints of award-winning ales a week.

The BIG Sheep Beer Show tells you how real ales are made the traditional way and after the show you can enjoy some fine free samples! See our live shows page for more information.

The brewery shop sells bottles of ales and various local ciders. Take-out “kegs” of ales and beer are available in 18, 36 and 72 pints on request. Free tasting is available throughout the summer season in the brewery shop where they have a selection of great beers to take home.

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