Battlefield Live Combat Games

Opening Times

To book a Battlefield party call us on 01237 472366 

Please note Battlefield opening times vary, call us to confirm opening times for the day of your visit.

What’s on offer

Battlefield Devon, Outdoor Combat Games and army area is one of Devon’s best outdoor activities. Our state-of-the-art eye-safe guns fire invisible infra-red beams up to 200 metres with great sound effects.

The whole family can join in the fun and family teams can be set up to dual against each other. Parents and even grandparents can all compete on the same playing field against one another and experience the heat of the battle.

Battlefield Devon is just as much fun as paint-balling but without the bruises and pain, making it a much safer and friendlier game. The game is suitable for children aged 6 years* and over. And of course, adults too!

We have a wide variety of weapons to suit different missions and always provide a mixed arsenal. Because our guns shoot so far, everyone has a telescopic or red dot scope to aim. We have different size weapons from compact sub-machine guns to huge sniper rifles. Dad will love his day out at The BIG Sheep!

*Please note 6-7-year olds need to be accompanied by an adult

Free Taster Session

On a first come first served basis, The BIG Sheep customers receive a 10-minute free taster session on the battlefield. Opening times do vary and can be discussed on arrival or please call ahead to confirm and tie in with your arrival and departure times. Further play starts from £3 per player.

Birthday Parties

Battlefield Live Parties | The BIG Sheep

A Battlefield Devon birthday party will give the recruits an awesome experience of playing soldier for a day and give the parents great credibility at school! Much better than a paint-balling party – no bruises or pain!

Recruits will be given camouflaged clothing and face paints, issued with a gun and given pre-planned games specific to their ages. Parties last for 2.5 hours and include admission to The BIG Sheep during daily opening times.

Session times:

9:30am – 12pm
3pm – 5:30pm (2pm – 4:30pm in winter months)


£15 per person, a minimum of 10 people required.
Add food for £5 per person

Birthday Party Food

Ewetopia Indoor Playground | The BIG Sheep

Birthday party food can be prepared in the Ewetopia Indoor Playground for a time of your choice from just £5.00 per person.

Group Bookings and Team Building Activities

Team building creates a climate that encourages and values the contribution of each team member. Energies are directed to problem solving, task effectiveness, and maximising the use of all member’s resources to achieve the desired results. Battlefield Live is a particularly effective exercise to achieve these aims. When the chips are down, and the shots are flying, you will be surprised which members of your team turn out to show qualities that may not be apparent in the work-place.

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