Live Shows and Sheep Racing

PLEASE NOTE, we have a much-reduced timetable at present due to Coronavirus. For further information about what there is to do on-site please visit our homepage and social media, or call us on 01237 472366.

During our main season we run live shows and activities throughout the day at The BIG Sheep. Please see our timetable below with more information on each one, note that these are sometimes subject to change at late notice so please do check at reception on arrival to avoid disappointment. Our shows run from Easter until October.

Please note it is sometimes necessary to cancel shows or run a reduced timetable, for this reason please check with our reception team on arrival for an up to date timetable or call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Sheep Racing

Sheep Racing | The BIG Sheep

Time: 3:50pm

Where: Sheep Racing Track

Watch this unique sporting sheep race, place your bets and cheer your favourite sheep down the home straight. Truly hysterical, complete with jockeys urging their mounts down the 250-yard course.

As seen on TV!

Racing stars include:

  • No. 1 – Red Ram
  • No. 2 – Sheargar
  • No. 3 – Little Pullover
  • No. 4 – Golden Fleece
  • No. 5 – Alderknitty
  • No. 6 – Woolly Jumper

The six sheep have to negotiate “Shepherd’s Brook”, “Bo Peep’s Bend” and the “EWE Turn” in their quest for glory.

Honest Joe the bookmaker, takes your bets to win the prize. You can bet using The BIG Sheep currency, the EWE-RO, (purchase from reception on arrival) or of course £GBP. Make sure you head to our Sheepy Shop to pick up your winning race souvenirs and mementos on your way home at the end of the day!

Milking Show

Milking Show | The BIG Sheep

Time: 10:30am (only during school holidays)

Where: Indoor Show Area

Come and see how our milking equipment works with our life-size model cow. If you have an interest in farming and how we get our milk then this is the show for you!

Sheep Show

Sheep Show | The BIG Sheep

Time: 11:00am and 2:30pm

Where: Indoor Show Area

You’ll learn about sheep from around the world at our informative and fun packed sheep show.  Laugh as our rams take to stage each to their own theme tune and enjoy the entertainment as our show team introduces each one and tells you all about each breed. Guaranteed laughs for all ages!

After the show make sure you visit our Nursery Barn to see all the animals in their pens.

Duck Trials

Duck Trials | The BIG Sheep

Time: 12:00pm

Where: Duck Arena

Join in the fun at this hilarious novelty show as our Border Collie dogs round up Indian running ducks and put them through an entertaining obstacle course.

The arena can be found straight outside our Ewetopia Indoor Playground.

Bottle Feeding Lambs

Time: 12:30pm and 4:30pm

Where: Indoor Show Arena

Here’s your chance to get up close and make friends with our baby lambs. Bottle feeding is a magical experience. Children and adults can both join in with the fun. Remember your camera!!

Our lambs are greedy little fellows, so as soon as it’s feeding time they will rush over to the bottles, and guzzle away. They are often very strong too, so adults are advised to help younger children.

Why do we bottle feed some of our lambs?

Sometimes when ewes have given birth to triplets or twins they cannot produce enough milk to feed all their lambs. This is when your help is needed, and you help us by feeding our lambs.

Lambs need to be bottle fed for eight to ten weeks after birth so between our visitors and farm assistants in the Nursery Barn the lambs are cared for. So just think, not only are you feeding a lamb you are actually helping to rear it!

Beer Show

Beer Show | The BIG Sheep

Time: 1:00pm

Where: Indoor Show Arena

Strictly for grown-ups! Established in 1998, North Devon’s largest brewer; Country Life Brewery joined The BIG Sheep flock in 2002 and is now producing over 15,000 pints of award-winning ales a week in The BIG Sheep Brewery.

The BIG Sheep Beer Show will show you how real ales are made in the traditional way and will talk you through the various different forms. After the show you can then enjoy some free samples – hence it being strictly for grown-ups!

Sheepdog Trials and Training

Sheepdog Trials | The BIG Sheep

Time: 1:30pm

Where: Sheepdog Trialling Field

Watch one man and his dog take on the challenge of a flock of unpredictable sheep at the daily Sheepdog Trials at The BIG Sheep.

Learn how we train our Border Collie dogs and how well they respond to commands from the shepherd. See how they manoeuvre the sheep through different gateways and into holding pens.

In professional competitions, there is a time limit allowed for the dogs to perform a number of tasks and then the judges mark the dog’s ability to listen and the handler’s ability to control.  At The BIG Sheep our visitors enjoy the shepherd’s entertaining demonstration where there are no set rules for judges and literally anything could happen!

Make sure your little ones stick around after the show and take a ride on our Piggy Pull-a-Long and Vintage Pony Carousel too!

Shearing Show

Shearing Show | The BIG Sheep

Time: 2:00pm

Where: Indoor Show Arena

Our daily sheep show combines fun and laughter with the traditional and challenging skill of sheep shearing. Our expert shepherds share the secrets of the world’s most versatile fibre while demonstrating how we shear a sheep.

Why do we shear sheep?

All adult sheep are sheared once a year for welfare reasons.  It allows them to keep cool in summer, helps them avoid fly strike and stops them becoming cast (stuck on their backs). It also stops them from getting caught in brambles and bushes.

Pets’ Corner

Pets Corner | The BIG Sheep

Time: 3:00pm

Where: Animal Barn

Come along and have a cuddle of our baby animals. Learn about their personalities and breeds from our experienced team and hear all about the different types of animal here at the farm. The animals at this show vary depending on what cuties we have at the time, so one day you’ll be cuddling a puppy and the next a guinea pig or even a piglet!

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